Wattpad: Why do the Popular Stories Mostly Suck?


This is an expansion of a previous rant on Wattpad. You can find that here. 

Wattpad has got to be one of the only writing sites on the internet where your stories can become popular with atrocious grammar, one diminsional characters, and POVs that change at neckbreak speed. Type in any popular phrase like “Bad boy”, “geek”, “vampire”, “One Direction”, etc., you’re going to get a top page of mostly junk. Trust me. And yet, they’ve got millions of views and thousands of likes.

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Wattpad: Is it a Good Writing Site?

Back in 2012, I stumbled upon this site called Wattpad. It’s a place where authors can post their original and fictional stories to their heart’s content. Me, who already had like, 20 different writing accounts open on many different sites, decided to add Wattpad to the mix. I filled out my profile and got to work writing.

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