My Stories

A list of my stories you can find here. Just click on the title, and the story will pop up.

Moonshine (Historical Speculative Fiction)

Prohibition hangs over New York like a nauseating smog. Most party-goers escape its presence by getting lost in speakeasies set up around corners of the streets, in basements, attics, etcetera. The more desperate—young or old, rich or poor—flock to the speakeasies run by demons. Their liquor holds more than just alcohol, it contains a dangerous power that causes the drinker to become lost within their own mind, living out their fantasies—if only for the night.

Robert Hermann is part of a group of men that are supposed to bust these demonic “Dreamwhisps”. However, after a fatal incident, he finds himself working for one of them. Now he must obey every order, every job that the powerful and charming Mr. Russell gives him. Failure to do so could lead him on a train to Hell; both physically and mentally.


To Hell and Back (Gay Romance/Historical Speculative Fiction)

The demons that lurk in the night offer a way out to the humans that seek them. Soul Swapping has become a popular method of escape in which one’s soul is transferred into another person’s body, while that person’s soul is then transferred into the former’s old body. Dangerous as it is, one basically has a new chance at life.

John Cromwell Jr. is the son of a prominent anti-demon senator who doesn’t seem to worry all that much about the danger around him. But, after he wakes up in a body that is not his own, he does the unthinkable: enlist in the help of a retired Soul Swapper to help get revenge and retrieve his body–at a personal cost of course.


Untitled: Shelton’s POV (Historical Fiction/Mystery)

In Cold War era America, Shelton Morris is nothing more than another writer with the dream of making it big. He thinks he’s got it right when he decides to write about a mental institution; however, while doing research, he crosses paths with Timothy Harrison, a young homosexual kept locked in one of the so-called hospitals. From then on, truths start to unravel before the writer, causing his fictional horror story to bloom into an informative tragedy as he explores the terror of what went on when society cast a blind eye on the unwanted.

Gone Up In Smoke (Historical Fiction/Paranormal)

The Cleveland Prison was one of the best in the country, but it didn’t make headlines until a fire tore through a third of its facility, causing about 230 deaths. Ever since then, strange occurrences and missing guards were nearly apart of the prison’s routine.

Ten years later, John Whitney, a middle-class worker, found himself on a one way ticket to death row after a robbery went wrong. His new residence is a cell- the one where his former partner, Dan Andrews, lived out the rest of his days before going to the chair. With time cruelly stripping away, Whitney has only a few months to live- unless he can strike a deal with the warden or escape before he himself goes up in smoke…