Need a Story Written? I’m For Hire!

Have a story idea, but you need someone to put it down on paper? I’m your girl for the job! I’m a freelance writer with over seven years of experience and specialize in writing fictional stories. You’ll never have to worry about the lack of quality when I write for you: I spend a copious amount of time writing each assignment to make sure my client receives what they pay for. After all, who wants a half baked story? Certainly not me, and neither do you!


The rate I currently hold is at nine cents a word (in United States currency).


Payment is through PayPal. A quarter of the total cost is to be paid upfront before I begin any work. For example, if the total cost is $100, then $25 would have to be paid before I can work on your story.

Delivery Time:

Delivery time is dependent on the length of the story. Keep in mind that a 500 word short story will take only a week at the most while a 25,000 word novel might take over a month. Quality is key, after all.


You can contact me at if interested or if you have any more questions.