Question Corner: Cliches

Writers and readers! What type of cliches in stories are you sick of?

One of the biggest cliches I can’t stand is when the main character who lives a “boring”, normal life suddenly has some supernatural power and some ancient prophecy  reveals that he/she is the one who will defeat some mega-bad villain.



Question Corner: What Inspires You To Write?

Writers! What inspires you to write and why?

When it comes to historical fiction, I find inspiration from historical documentaries and articles on the web.

However, in any genre I write, I find music to be the best inspiration overall. Music can cover almost any mood from angry to happy to distressed. Not only that, but when it comes to historical fiction, I find listening to a few songs of whatever era to help immerse me in the time period more.

Question Corner: What’s Your Favorite Genre to Write?

Writers! What’s your favorite genre to write? Do you like to mix up genres?

For me, it’s historical fiction. Being fond of history, I like to incorporate historical elements into my stories. That being said, the paranormal genre is a close second for me. Oftentimes, I’ll pair both the historical and paranormal genre together–which admittedly, loses some the realism in the process.