Fiction Writing Tips For Beginners

Writing can be difficult for someone starting out. For the beginner getting into fiction writing, here are a few tips:

Establish a Setting

As someone who critiques on Wattpad, too often do I see characters just dropped into an empty world. There are places the character goes to, but those places are never described. This is where descriptions come in handy. What does your character’s house look like? What season is it? Is the character in a small town or a large city?

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5 Things Every Incoming Freshman Should Do Before the First Day of College

You’ve done it. You’ve finally graduated from high school and are ready to take that next step in your life: college.

But wait. Your heart is pounding. Your eyes stare uncertainly at your university’s webpage. You see the smiling faces of college students plastered all over the page. Will you be smiling too when you finally go to your college? Nervousness grips you tightly. What if you’re not? What then? 


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