Flash Fiction: Her Existence

This is in response to the one word prompt theme: Jeopardize


She didn’t know why she saved him.

Beady  and expressionless black eyes stared down at the sleeping child. Every time he breathed, a wisp of gray escaped his almost blue lips. This prompted the creature to pull him closer against her still chest.

She had never felt something so warm and soft before. When the little human sneezed, she nearly dropped it in surprise. The young were…fascinating.

But then the dreaded question crossed her mind again: why had she saved him? She had killed older members of his kind before. She’d even eaten them.

Was it because this one was so young?

Was it because she couldn’t bear to see someone suffer in the harshness of the winter?

She became obsessed with the thought even as she carried him back to her cave. In saving a human, had she completely jeopardized what she stood for: death and loneliness?
Her thoughts were soon interrupted by the loud wailing of the infant she had set down. The sound only increased as the creature hovered it, her lips curled in a menacing snarl.

She growled in irritation. How annoying that sound was…


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