Untitled (Shelton’s POV): Prologue


The last of the leather restraints were fastened onto the patient. He swallowed a thick lump in his throat. Granted, it was just another day of treatment in this hell-hole, but nevertheless he was dreading what was coming. From what he had overheard from the two eldest psychiatrists in his ward, he would be subjected to what they called a “more effective” treatment.

The patient’s breathing quickened when the electrodes were placed, one on each side of his head. Beads of sweat had formed on his forehead and were now trickling down his face. Usually before he was even strapped in, the nurses administered drugs to keep him relatively calm, and for a few seconds, he’d  thought they’d just forgotten. However, he turned his head to look towards his doctor; the man was comfortably seated by the small black machine as he always was. His dark eyes stared back at the patient’s, cold and hard as usual. No, they hadn’t forgotten…

“Open,” one of the nurses said, holding the plastic mouth guard up close to his lips. The terrified human moved his head as far as he could from the thing.

“I said, open,” she wrenched his jaws apart, forcing the brown object into his mouth. He unwillingly bit down on the plastic. Satisfied, the nurse turned to face the doctor, nodding her head in confirmation. The doctor nodded back, and his hand reached for the dial. Spitting out the plastic, the patient lifted his head up as best he could against the restraints. His face had gone the color of sour milk.



Chapter One can be found here


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