5 Things Every Incoming Freshman Should Do Before the First Day of College

You’ve done it. You’ve finally graduated from high school and are ready to take that next step in your life: college.

But wait. Your heart is pounding. Your eyes stare uncertainly at your university’s webpage. You see the smiling faces of college students plastered all over the page. Will you be smiling too when you finally go to your college? Nervousness grips you tightly. What if you’re not? What then? 


Transitioning from college to high school can be a scary thing–especially if you’re going away from home. The summer before school started, I was both nervous and excited as I didn’t know what to expect or how to prepare myself. Luckily, after doing these 5 things, it helped relieve some of the tension:


1. Explore Campus

If it’s possible, and if you haven’t already, make sure to explore the campus to familiarize yourself with the areas. Just spending time on campus prior to the semester will help you become more comfortable. That, and you’ll be able to locate your classes when the time comes.


2. Message Your Roommate(s)

This, a thousand times over. If you’re living on campus or renting an apartment, it’s best to get into contact with your roommates. These are the people you’re going to be living with, so you need to know what they’re like. This can get rid of any anxiety you might have about your roommate being a slob or a neat-freak. It’s also useful because you can then plan out who’s bringing what to the dorm or apartment. After all, the last thing you want to have is two large couches crowding your living space. Message them via email or take that extra step and invite them out for dinner.Who knows? Your new roommate might be your best friend.


3. Textbooks…Buy Them in Advance

More often than not, your textbooks for a specific class will already be posted. It’s best to buy them online the second you know what they are since professors will probably want the textbook by the next meeting time. Also, the university bookstore lines are going to be very long the first week of class. That being said, avoid the university bookstore if you can. Usually, the prices are jacked up way too high and could end up draining your wallet. Instead, search for textbooks on sites like Amazon  or Chegg. Doing this alone could save you 200-400 dollars. That brings me to my next point:

4. Take Advantage of the College Sales!

Your college bookstore is the devil and your sworn enemy. It will overcharge you for little simple things like pens and paper. No, go to Walmart or Best Buy during the Back-To-School sales and save yourself some money. You’ll feel so much better, believe me.

5. Email Your Professors

If you have any questions on a course, email your professor about it. Yeah, professors can be intimidating, but they’re not all the nasty, old hags that Hollywood likes to portray them as. Many of them are kind, patient, and are willing to listen to any concerns that you may have.


While doing these things might not completely get rid of any anxiety you might have of attending college, it’ll sure lower it. As I’ve said before, transitioning from high school to college is difficult as there are so many twists and turns that can happen. However, by following a few of these things listed, you’re already better prepared for the road that lies ahead.


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